MDAnalysis Sphinx theme Quickstart

This theme provides a responsive theme for Sphinx documentation by the Open Force Field Initiative. It is inspired by Material for Sphinx and Material for MkDocs, but has been rewritten with the Bulma CSS framework to remove any JavaScript dependencies.

Getting Started

Install from git

$ pip install git+

Or, add to your ReadTheDocs environment.yml

    - pip
    - <conda dependency>
    - <conda dependency>
    - <conda dependency>
    # --- snip --- #
    - pip:
        - git+

Update your with the required changes:

html_theme = "mdanalysis_sphinx_theme"
html_sidebars = {"**": ["globaltoc.html", "localtoc.html", "searchbox.html"]}

There are a lot more ways to customize this theme. See Customization or theme.conf for more details.

# Enable the theme itself
html_theme = "mdanalysis_sphinx_theme"

# (Optional) Logo in PNG format.
# If not provided and mda_official is False, no logo will be added.
# If not provided and mda_official is True, the MDAnalysis logo will be used.
html_logo = "_static/logo/placeholder_logo.png"

# (Optional) favicon.
# If not provided and mda_official is False, will default to a placeholder favicon.
# If not provided and mda_official is True, will default to the MDAnalysis favicon.
html_favicon = "_static/logo/placeholder_favicon.svg"

# Theme options are theme-specific and customize the look and feel of a
# theme further.
html_theme_options = {
    # ===== mdanalysis-sphinx-theme options =====
    # whether to apply official MDAnalysis styling
    # e.g. using the official MDAnalysis logo and favicon
    # and using the MDAnalysis privacy policy
    "mda_official": False,
    # The background colour of the logo area in the navigation bar
    "sidebar_logo_background": "white",
    # The background colour of the top navigation bar on mobile
    "mobile_navbar_background": "dark-gray",
    # Extra navigation links to show on the sidebar, before the table of contents
    "extra_nav_links": extra_nav_links,

    # ===== inherited options =====
    # For more details, please see
    # Default values are shown below

    # Only display logo and not the project name on sidebar
    "logo_only": True,
    # Display the version number on the sidebar
    "display_version": True,
    # Where to display "next" and "previous" buttons
    "prev_next_buttons_location": "bottom",
    # Add an icon next to external links
    "style_external_links": False,
    # If enabled, navigation entries are not expandable
    "collapse_navigation": True,
    # If enabled, the navigation bar scrolls with the main page
    "sticky_navigation": True,
    # Maximum depth of the contents tree -- set to -1 for unlimited
    "navigation_depth": 4,
    # Whether to include hidden toctrees in the navigation bar
    "includehidden": True,
    # Whether to hide page subheadings from navigation
    "titles_only": False,


# Custom sidebar templates, must be a dictionary that maps document names
# to template names.
html_sidebars = {
    # By default, show everything
    "**": ["globaltoc.html", "localtoc.html", "searchbox.html"]

Changes and License